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I recently completed a bachelor's degree of fashion design (with honours) at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

I have a passion for the technical side of fashion, I love patternmaking and construction. I hope to gain industry experience and find work in this field.

My other passions include language study; I have studied Mandarin Chinese for several years and am preparing to sit the HSK5. Long-term I would like to find work that involves international communication.

I am also passionate about ethical fashion and believe that strong communication is important to maintain ethical work environments.

Laura Evans

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My third year design project 2022

My initial brand moodboard based off my research.

The brief for this project was to design a look for an established brand that is supportive or critical of the brand.

The brand I chose to design for was Marni, and my critical position was to make a Marni garment that was more sustainably made. I focused on zero/minimal waste design for an Autumn/Winter offering.

My design was created to fit in with Marni's aesthetic; brightly patterned, fun, oversized, clothing that appeals to an intellectual market. I wanted a look that felt joyous and comfortable, in a way that acknowledges but rejects the stresses of the world.

Design sketches and fabric swatches

My minimal waste process involved a lot of switching between illustrating and pattern development, as I thought about and trialled potential fabric-maximising design features. I mainly did the pattern making in Accumark, as I was thinking about the layplan as I made the pattern, and found it a more efficient and less wasteful way to make many changes. These are my final designs.

My minimal waste practice

I took multiple approaches to reduce waste, I used as much fabric as I could within my jacket (shown). The corners that weren't used became pieces in my matching skirt. The handful of offcuts that remained became a matching coat for a miniature felted dog.

Spec drawing





















Some detail drawings from my tech pack

Showing my label and swing tag.



Clo toilling

Photo and video rendering



My graduate collection, Bedtime Story, was inspired by lovingly crafted items and stories. A key inspiration was Paddington Bear, and how he makes the world around him more positive in his narrative, but also in real life.

I wanted to create a collection that relieves stress by indulging in positive fantasy whilst still being realistic about the environmental impact.

Fourth year collection

Bedtime story

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My textile choices were all natural fibres. Wool, cotton, silk, linen and rayon.

This was important because I am against increasing the amount of micro-plastics in the environment.

Quilt Abstraction II

Domestic pattern

I believe home sewing is one of the most sustainable forms of fashion. So I transformed my CLO3D pattern into a PDF-printable pattern which could be recreated by the average home-sewer.

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